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About Cris

Classically trained, with nearly two decades working in film, television, and theater, Cris has skillfully portrayed characters from Shakespeare to Pulitzer Prize-winning works by Sam Shepard, showcasing his versatile talent. His film work has earned acclaim at prestigious events like the Festival de Cannes and garnered top awards for Best Picture and Best Actor in a Leading Role at the CineRocKom International Film Festival in Hollywood.

Artistic Range and Passion for Character Crafting

As highlighted in Cris's reel, he is a versatile actor in his 40s, adept at portraying a diverse range of roles from heroes to complex villains. His adaptability lends authenticity and depth to characters, and his obsession lies in crafting nuanced, profound, and three-dimensional characters that deeply resonate with audiences. 

Outstanding Performances: Cameron Mathews

Cris has etched his mark with remarkable roles, notably the nuanced portrayal of the lead role, Cameron Mathews, in "Vacant House," a film he co-wrote. This film not only screened at the prestigious Festival de Cannes but also garnered top accolades, including Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Best Actor in a Leading Role at the CineRocKom International Film Festival in Hollywood, California.

Academic Excellence: Mastering the Art of Film

Armed with a bachelor's in Theater Acting from the University of Southern Indiana and a Master's in Film Directing from Regent University, Cris refines his craft through the Meisner Technique and guidance from Actor's Coach William Scott Arnold of 4th Wall Acting Studio in Nashville, TN. 

Behind the Scenes: A Multifaceted Creator

Cris doesn't just shine in front of the camera; he's a versatile artist who also maneuvers behind it. With an impressive portfolio boasting 20+ documentaries, his passion for storytelling extends beyond acting, showcasing his prowess as a filmmaker and producer. 

Artistic Roots: Former Associate Artistic Director 

Having served as the former Associate Artistic Director at STOP Theater in Auburn, Alabama, Cris has deep roots in the world of theater acting, directing, and producing. His commitment to the craft goes beyond individual performances, reflecting a dedication to the filmmaking community. 

Life Beyond the Spotlight: Family, Coffee, and Dreams

As a filmmaker, Cris has produced over 20 documentaries, showcasing a commitment to diverse storytelling. Beyond the camera, he brings a unique blend of skills—screenwriting, skateboarding, snowboarding, guitar playing, directing, and cinematography. Cris, a father of three and devoted husband, finds balance in family, canine companions Watson and Moose, is a coffee aficionado and self-proclaimed dreamer. His role as a storyteller extends from screen to life's simple joys.