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I’m a coffee drinkin’, storytellin’, soulful, heath candybar lovin’ (in moderation), dreamer, longing to live LIFE to the full, philosopher, communicator, who digs cinematography, has a Masters Degree in Film Directing, and am a father of three, husband of one! Oh, and I’m an award winning actor and screenwriter.

As an actor I’ve had the fortune of working alongside award-winning stage and film directors, including Golden-Globe Nominee Jeanette Clift George, (The Hiding Place), David Nixon (Facing The Giants and Fireproof), and Brad Wilson (former manager of Robert Duvall’s production company), plus serving Discovery Channel, Tobey Maguire Entertainment and Columbia Pictures among other companies as an actor. For reference, I recently played Cameron Mathews in Vacant House as well as Carl Landers in Letters To God, a film recently released in 800+ theaters.

I would be flattered to be considered to serve your casting needs in the near future.